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Autumn Update - September Goes On! Quests Continue.

Oh! Hello Everyone.

It's been a whole summer, we hope everyone got a chance to get out and have a nice time in the sun! With Autumn approaching fast, we are so excited to announce a couple things that have been going on in the Myth world.

Live Podcasts - Every Sunday

We’re returning to our regular schedule, with Podcasts happening every Sunday Night. If you haven’t joined us before it’s a fantastic time to ask questions or listen in as we talk about the mechanics and custom systems that make Myth special. We have three episodes up and a new one will be recorded tonight! This week we’re on to Rogues. Get your questions ready and come hang out in chat while we illuminate the systems!

Mapping Update - Construction Continues!!

Two big announcements:

First we have two new mappers who have joined up as junior staff to help us out. Cati and Kiramay have done phenomenal work! Below you’ll see some screenshots of our current project, a well-deserved face lift for Nique Taure.

Housing will be opening around the map in small sections, first each city then some non-town houses that can be claimed. Get your buddies together to form a group and snag a hideout! The process will be detailed and released as soon as our next map update is ready to drop.

Get Your Multi-Character Fix

We heard you all loud and clear!

One of our most requested features has been more character slots. We’re happy to announce that we’ve increased everyone’s current slot count to 3. We will be offering further slots for donation incentives. We on staff feel like 3 is a good number, and if you really want to spread your wings further the donations towards hosting will always be appreciated. Get those character apps in for your third characters!

How to support our shard

Join our website and WIKI!

Kiramary has spent a number of hours and a lot of effort creating this amazing Wiki. The goal is to have it run by everyone, so please join and help us flesh out the World of Myth! Add your character, history that has happened IG and character stories from the Forums you have written. It's becoming a great player hub for live information about our immersed world of Myth.

When you join our website, you get permissions to our forums as well as the availability to see members, follow them and chat with each other. It's a great way to keep in touch with everything about Myth.

Buy a pin - See Them Here!

Lydia has put some of her design skills to use and has created the “UOMyth Adventure Pin” Using our logo. If you love pins and want to support, please consider buying a pin here:

All earnings go to help support the shard, its staff and find ways to make our shard that much more immersive with new animations and graphics.

By donating you help staff become able to spend more time on updating graphics, tweaking classes and skills and working on the map. Thank you for all who have and will support us. We would not be able to do as much as we do if not for our supporters!

We have not been so vocal about it, but we now offer 3 options through donation on Ko-Fi!

  1. Monthly Subscriptions - By spending $3.00 a month, you can get the following for one character of your choice every month: (Those of you who already have subscribed- we will owe you august and this month's item. Stay tuned!)

- 2 Extra Perk points per Month

- One exclusive specially made cosmetic item per month

- Sneak Peeks of any new IG map work

2. Donate for Perk Points - A maximum allowance of at the moment of 5 per character you can donate 5$ a perk.

3. Just Plain Throw Us Some Money - If you just want to help make Myth a better place you can just donate! However if you do want something a little special and you have donated, just PM and staff member and we can chat about getting something special for you (Fairness depending).

Vote for us HERE!

Every month Myth gets up to at least #5 on top100. This is HUGE since we seem to surpass shards that subscribe monthly to stay on the top. Byt voting, you help Myth become available to people who might not have found us yet.

YouTube channel - Subscribe and listen here!

Starting with Classes we will continue to hold post podcasts and even videos in the future about Lore, the world of Myth as well as read out players wonderful RP stories so you can help stay up to date with our world and what’s going on.

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