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World of Myth

If you so choose, who will you follow?

Here you will find the faiths of old followed by the city in which they flourish. Although sometimes those that live within the walls of a city are not a devout follower; it is expected they have the same virtues and beliefs. If that were not the case- it would likely cause conflict, would it not? Maybe that is the choice, but who are we to judge those who choose their lives....

So with that in mind, traveler - choose carefully, for the path you follow could create your fortune, help you fulfill your dreams and show your true path. There is always the option to go faithless; but it is your choice to wander Terra alone. The option to join always stands however, and those who have chosen their faith will be rewarded by that who they follow.

In The Beginning...

The Creation of Myth

At first, the Void looked upon creation and saw only itself. From deep within was pulled the Sun which hung in heaven and she was named The First. The Void then gazed upon the Sun and gave life to the shadows it threw, and He was named The Second. Light and Shadow danced for eternity, each trying to gain the upper hand on the other. The Void grew tired of their dance and placed between them Time, The Third to always hold sway. Time balanced the dance of the sky and the Sun, setting the Moon in the clouds to spread the light even in Shadow and giving Shadow dominion over the dark places even in the height of the day. It was at this time that Terra now had The Three.


Finding balance in the eternal sway of Time, the Void allowed Nature to breathe life into all of the worlds of creation and life took hold. Time was given the duty of seeing life from birth to death, and Nature reveled in the beauty of creation. As a final gift, the Void breathed its last breath and took the form of Chaos. In the Void’s place, the table of heaven was left, where Chaos took her place at the head along with Light, Shadow, Time, and Nature to rule over creation until the end. It was at this time, the Five decided to call that of which created them the All Bringer.


Each of them then began to grow and create, to pit man against beast against elements and ultimately each of them against the march of time. The Five watch us even now, laying out the path of our lives while hanging on each step as we choose to follow or to blazing our own trail alone without The Five. For it is their choice.




Aralkor was the First created by the All Bringer. She is the Sun. She is the burning passion that brings justice to those that overstep their boundaries of the light. 

She is the light - she burns for us and her Sun shall never set. 

Those that follow The First (Aralkor) know that the truth must be told and justice must come to those that bring the bad into this world. 

Through training and devout study they join the following of The Sun and vow to protect and serve her and her people in whatever means they can. She shows no mercy to the wicked, so neither shall her followers.

If you wish to seek the truth of the Sun, perhaps you should walk into the light.

Aralkor comes to those who wish the truth as a tall female warrior. Some might even say they cannot see her for she is far too bright for our eyes to see. She carries her shield- which in turn has the power of the Sun to light the way and protect the weak while her other hand holds a flaming sword to punish the wicked.

Strong and vast the city of Montset is set in the mountains on the second continent of Terra. Surrounded by rock it is built to last and to protect. It is said that nothing can get within the walls of Montset unless it is invited or needed.

Strongly populated by Dwarves, this city stands proud which can often be mistaken for stubbornness. Set in their ways, the Montsetians that live here are much like the place they live - cold and unforgiving. Although it is said they know how to celebrate it is rarely seen because they are always working on improvements. 

Their military is strong while their ironwork is that which cannot compare to any other culture. It is because of this that Montset becomes the home of the extraordinarily devout and strong-willed.

Everyone who lives here works for the mountain which in turn is for the people. No one is to step out of line as everyone follows the master plan that has been set by the Council.

Justice has a hard hand up in these mountains and one would be a fool to challenge it.

Castle in the water


Jealousy takes form in The Second (Barlow). For that is what he is- the Second creation of the All Bringer. First comes the Sun and then comes the Moon forever and always a Second. 

Barlow strives for mischief. He plays in the shadows and brings people in using his whispers of power and fame. Those that follow Barlow know him as the King of Shadows or The Moon. Others however, would refer to him as the Troubled One as that is what most of his followers get into.

His followers are to be called Shadow Walkers and he shall lead them to the light. For they believe they have played for far too long in the dark. The King of Shadows shall have his time in the Sun, for it is the First that makes the Second. 

Those who follow The King of Shadows are proud, strong beings who are just biding their time until they can reach the Sun. Some have fallen to the shadows but others chose to walk down to the deep by choice.



Confusing tunnels, dark caves and dim dank camps make up what is called Meerdistrin. Populated by the Drow, Darklings, and some Orks peppered in by some other races would make it quite the sight to see. Entirely underground this massive city is completely in the dark and is lit by fires. 

If you live here you either have chosen to or have found yourself in the shadows and are unable to get out. This is the case with most of the Drow- being created as the dark half of the Elves, they are forever cursed to be just that- the opposites. While few choose to sneak up to the top, others have made it their goal to stay and serve their Mother.

A counsel of Priestesses and Warlords keep the tunnels of Meerdistrin on track. Many of whom are corrupt and power-hungry they take their devout passion for Barlow seriously. They have made it their life goal to not only survive but thrive. Their leader is Mother Superior, and it is said that Barlow himself whispers orders in her ear. None have dared to question it as they all wish the same thing- to see the Sun, to thrive, and take what is rightfully theirs.

Much like the city of Montset, one would be a fool to wander into these tunnels uninvited.

Saint Veeda

Not much is known of Saint Veeda other than he was the Third god to be created. He is the tie between the Sun and the Moon to create balance. This much is known.

He brings forth comfort for it is a fact that Time Heals All. And with time comes age and as we also know with age comes death. This is the cycle that Saint Veeda has created. It is this cycle that must be protected for it is life. Without time we have no life.

May His time never end. For if it does- so do we.

No mortal has set eyes on Saint Veeda yet tales and old books portray him as different things for what is needed at that time.

For the young - he is as bright as the Sun. He is the bringer of hope, a handsome young man.

For the bold - he is an old man who has seen many adventures with wise eyes and a sturdy frame.

For the old and the sick he is a dark shroud. Gentle but unforgiving. To see any of these forms is to see almost the God himself, for Veeda comes to only those he chooses and needs.

The Town of Estvale

With its stronghold securely planted in a mountain facing a harbor full of the hustle and bustle, this human melting pot has turned into the central hub for many creatures. Up in the mountains lies the government buildings where the current ruler of Estvale - Governor Maepoyl resides.

He has been comfortably ruling Estvale and seeing to the protection of its people for the last 40 years. With his hair turning grey and his body aging it might be time for someone else to step up to the leadership of this town.

Because the human race is so young one might see a wide variety of cultures mixed into this city. From Dwarven castles to Elven armor, this place is undoubtedly exciting and mixed. May Veeda the Saint bless all those who wish refuge within Estvale's walls.


Mother Amil

Amil the Great Mother looks after all on Terra. She creates and maintains the balance in Nature to protect everything that All Bringer has given to Amil to guard and keep safe.

Mother Amil is very protective of her children. Because of this her children protect her as well as anyone else under her canopy.

Her Children are the voices of the forest, the protectors of Nature. They will bring wrath and punishment to any who threaten the delicate balance of Terra and its forests, rivers, or mountains.

It was She who created the Treekin said to be made out of pieces of Her very own heart. Although they may seem "newer" their ages are genuinely unknown for it is scarce to see a Treekin away from the delicate forests of Nique Taure. With the world waking up however more and more of this unique race have said to make appearances.

To show respect to Amil is to show passion for all that she brings while her children are said to be the ones who live with Nature or very close to it. They strive to keep the balance and sometimes see more prominent, more modern cities as hurtful to the delicate environment. Everything is to happen for a reason and anything out of place could upset The Great Mother and her Kin.


The Treetops


Nique Taure

Together as one up in the thick forests of the massive trunks of ageless yew trees, you will find Nique Taure and its dedicated citizens.

Organized yet organic, they take pride in their ways of life. Their leader speaks for all, yet all can also speak for the leader.

Much like Montset their people have a council; however it differs significantly in their decisions. The balance of Nature weighs heavily on the mind of the people of Nique Taure. Because of this they will do anything to see to its safety. Their Council consists of ageless family houses with a leading family usually being the oldest and most powerful. There is no one person in this community that would not know one another, and respect is always shown to every member of their city.

Although they may seem strict Nique Taurians welcome those who wish to learn their ways or trade goods into their home. It would be wise to show respect, for the wrath of Her Children to those who disrespect Nature and her ways can be catastrophic.


The Red Queen of Thorns

Created as the opposite equal to Amil - Tsern sits on a throne of quills and spikes.

She lives only to see her followers rise and those that oppose her melt. She breeds anger, war, and passion. She has many names but in the beginning her true name was given - Tsern.

Those that live to serve her are swayed by the fortune and fame she brings. Those that want power look to Her to help take it. This goddess almost always brings war, violence, and Chaos.

However one more trait lies with this deity which is strange but all too true. Within Tsern lies passion and with passion comes love. Those that follow her are known to be quite passionate; for the ones that want love would die to protect it. 

It is because of this that this goddess seems to have a vast difference in followers. From war-loving Orks to the passionate songs of Bards Tsern can be either much misunderstood or vastly loved. She is a wild card with two sides.

Blacksands Marketplace

Rickety streets filled with strange smells and loud shouting. This is how you know you are in Blacksands Marketplace.

No one rules this place yet somehow it seems to live and breathe on its own. Things are different here; if you are not a resident one would be wise to take preparations before setting foot in the Market. 

For instance, leave your gold at home or hidden in your breast pocket. It's going to be gone by the time you enter the pub if you are not careful.

Thugs, brutes, and warlords are the primary residents of this small island. They also include dancers, bards, and anyone else who wants to feel at home who doesn't belong anywhere else.

A great place to trade strange and maybe illegal goods (we never ask). Meetings between two organizations or followings who wish a neutral setting may happen in Blacksands. Although The Red Queen can bring Chaos she always opens her doors to possible new opportunities.

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