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The Infamous Yule Festival Begins!

With the new year approaching, the world of Myth comes together to celebrate its yearly Yule Festival. During this time, all clans, villages, cities and religions (Yes, even Chaos and Pain have the want to celebrate! Perhaps though, it might be in their own ways...) come together during this time.

They tell stories, they gather and feast. They hunt, and they celebrate the Year to Come in hopes it brings them their best times yet.

Every religion and family celebrates a little differently, so it will be up to you - the player to help mold this tradition into what we all think it should be. For every city, religion, race and of course for Myth.

So come one, come all! Celebrate the new "Year to Come."

For it is the First, the Second and the Third that will be watching. The Great Mother coos her words of wisdom, and the Red Queen awaits her many treasures her people are bound to give her.

The World of Myth awaits its people.

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