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Our Commitment

Due to the nature of what we’re doing here on Myth, we think it’s best to be up front and honest with our intentions from the onset.  We want to give a better understanding of our motivations and the influences that made our project what it is today.


Our team is a collection of passionate players who want to help recapture the spark that old shards had.  When we all remember our first shards, our old haydays, those servers looked a lot different than the modern ones do.  Sure, we have bells and whistles now, and the maps all look amazing.. But the storytelling has lost a lot of the freedom we enjoyed as young writers and role players.  


We looked to Mytharria, an old shard that died before its time, and remembered that freedom to play and grow and create.  So it wasn’t a large leap to want that feeling with the modern trappings of playing UO. Enter Myth, our current project! Utilizing the fan-favorite Teiravon 2 codebase and a completely new setting and lore inspired by Mytharria and classic high fantasy, we aim to provide a sand-box role playing experience with a more classic feel.  We think the RP community can handle another, different option when choosing a shard. We aim to provide a different experience from the moment you log in, with theming at the heart of every design choice. Our goal is not to take away from existing RP experiences but to add another option that not only UO veterans, but also newbies can enjoy.


We would like to take a moment to thank a few very important groups we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for:

Slegnor and the Mytharria Staff for giving us permission to use their shard as inspiration for Myth.

Steelcap and the Staff of Teriavon 2 for the use of their code base.

Leos for helping us set things up and teaching us how to run a proper UO server for Myth.

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