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Myth Adventure Pins - Now Available! Donation Drive

Hi Everyone,

As our first donation drive to help support Myth we have created some pins that currently can be found on Lydia's Etsy store. All proceeds raised will go to helping strengthen the shard in the following ways:

Cost of server maintenance Website hosting and maintenance Supporting Myth staff New art and script files Further shard development

Our main goal is to make Myth as fun and enjoyable as possible, and we have come to the decision that we are ready to accept donations. The pins are just a start, as we want to find ways you can contribute with the option of getting something physical in return. If this turns out to be a success, I will definitely design some more because this was so neat and fun to make and put together!

If you are interested, please stop by the Etsy store and take a look, thank you again to each and every Myther who is staying with us to help create a wonderful fantasy world!

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