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Out of Character General Rules (OOC Rules)

  • UO.Myth is first and foremost a Roleplaying Server.  Here we expect players to remain in character at all times.  Of course there are times when a player may need to speak to another player out of character, and for those times our Discord server and Party chat are totally acceptable options!  Our biggest goal is to provide an immersive story and world where players can completely lose themselves in their character. Our desire to keep players in character at all times is done with that immersion in mind.

  • Before you can play we require an application that you can find on our website (Link to come!).  On this we’ll get a little information about you as a player and hopefully give players a taste of what they can expect from us.  These applications will be referred to by staff when deciding story twists and turns, so make sure and add details you’d like to see come up in the future!  As another little added not, we’re not expecting everyone to apply with print-level prose or anything. Just show us a well-rounded character and we’ll be happy.  If anyone is new to RP or needs help please feel free to contact a member of staff. It’s always exciting when new players find our little hobby.

  • Discord Chat - Myth is a shard that everyone is free to play, and because of this we will make sure everyone feels safe and respected. We ask that the Myth Discord chat be kept free of harmful and damaging conversations. Although playful banter is of course welcome, we would like everyone to use their judgement and know that if you are upsetting anyone in chat, staff will be contacting you to request that you stop and reassess your choices in words and/or conversation.

  • Confrontations and arguments - If any players are having difficulties with each other, we ask that they please take it to private messages. They are also completely able to bring it up to a staff member, as we do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind. If this is happening to you, please tell a staff member immediately. No one should feel attacked here, we are all here to have fun, relax and unwind. This is our hobby, and no one deserves to feel anything but excitement and happiness during their downtime!

  • The main rule to remember here is to respect one another.  There are less and less RPers every year as they grow up and get lives and turn away from what we do.  Let’s keep as many of them here as we can by showing some courtesy to one another. Even the people who play your enemies in game are still friends sitting around the virtual tabletop roleplaying.


In Game Rules  (RP Rules)


  • PVP - In this sense we’re talking about Conflict Roleplay and coming to blows after that roleplay.  Sometimes violence is the answer, that’s something that’s believed by many characters. We expect roleplay before combat that merits what is going on.  We’re first and foremost a storytelling medium and not a 2D fighter. That being said, sparring and arena fighting between players who are both on board with it isn’t something that we’ll punish anyone for.  Our rules are here to protect people from grief and harassment and will be used as a tool to keep things harmonious. We’re not here to stop people’s fun.

  • Player Deaths - PDs (Perma Deaths) At this moment, PDs will only happen unless approved by the player of that character. In no way can another player kill another and declare that they are permanently dead without prior discussion. This is a temporary rule, but the meaning in it is going to remain.  Permanently removing another character from the story is something that puts an end to those storylines. In the future, we plan a PD system that will be respectful of the time people put into their characters and will leave both sides with somewhere to go after a death.

  • Raids - Before a raid, the parties in question must have a meeting and discuss times that would be good for them. This is to make sure a DM or QM can be assigned to help maintain the battle and that everything is kept IG and fair.  A full description of the rules of engagement can be found here: (<Link to Raid post we’ll make>)

  • No Muling - Characters on Myth are expected to be complete people with goals and aspirations of their own.  Crafting mules that exist just to transfer items to someone’s other character are frowned upon. If it’s found out that a player or faction is using a character slot as a mindless crafting robot to outfit their main characters actions will be taken to rectify things including but not limited to removing the items in question, lowering craft skills, or dropping a craft mule into the abyss.

  • Sexual Content - all RP is to be kept to a PG 13 status. This means, if any RP seems to be getting towards the heavier side of things we ask that you take it out of game and into a private chat. We welcome players of all ages, and we do not wish to make anyone uncomfortable. Please know that staff do have a feature that allows us to see all your chats happening IG, and you will politely be asked to take your RP to a PM if things seem to get out of hand.

  • Player Grief - Sometimes players seem to want to work against not their enemy characters, but the players who play them.  This never leads anywhere good. We ask that you respect one enough to remember that we’re sharing a community and playing a game together.  If someone seems to be harassing or griefing another player staff will step in. If it turns out that someone can’t separate the characters and players they play with when it comes to conflict they may be removed from the community.

  • RP Thievery - Many character types require more finesse, especially when playing against fellow characters.  For this reason thieves and assassins are held to a higher standard. Abusing mechanics, metagaming information taken from OOC, and so on will be dealt with.  If players show they can’t responsibly use more advanced character types their privilege of using them will be taken away. We don’t want to do that. For a full break down of the rules on theft and looting please refer here: (<Theft and Looting post>)

  • Young Players - Although all ages are welcome on Myth, we require permission from parents if that child is under the age of 17. This is to ensure that the parent is aware where they are playing and a proper program can be put into place to make sure they are safe during play.  Overseers are available to speak with the parents of underaged players so that everything can be taken care of on the front side of things.

  • AFK Macroing - While we understand that people want their skills gained up before they really get out into the world, Alpha is not focused on end game content.  As such we want people to interact and band together to work towards the end of their power curve.  AFK Macroing will not be allowed.  First offenders will find themselves simply stopped from completing their macro or disconnected.  Repeat offenders will have their offending skills lowered.  We're not unreasonable, keep an eye on your client if you're raising your skills and you will be fine.

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