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Myth's Winter Update - Your Roleplay Vacation Guide

Welcome to the Winter Season Mythers!

With the holidays coming into season, we have some updates we hope you will enjoy! #dnd #ultimaonline #roleplay #fantasyRP #fantasy #gameing #holiday

MythCasts - The Nerds will Still Talk

We have been pretty busy with life (as we all have) but plan to come back soon for our MythCasts, keep an eye out in Discord and our events calendar for our next live cast!

Winter Dungeon in the Snow

You might recognize the map of this dungeon, it’s a classic that has been used in a bunch of shards we have played in! We are taking this classic design and using it as a template for our winter dungeon and will be releasing the lore in snippet weeks to come before release.

We don’t have a hard date yet as we are just making the final plans, but please keep an eye open for a release date in the next week!

The Shadow City Awaits

I know I know - It's been a MINUTE.

Meerdistrin is taking a lot of time to make right as we want this to be the main hub for all “evil characters” to have a safe place. We want to make it sing, and completely different from our other cities. Our goal is to have not only a city, but a whole area where people can go to level, get unique items and tame-ables and it will also have a high level dungeon of its own (With its own lore of course). We hope we can make Meerd the place to go for outcasts who find they want a- “darker” upbringing.

So please stay tuned! It’s coming together but not quite ready for release and although we would like to open it before the holidays, I am afraid a January/February release so we can offer housing at the same time is more in Myth’s future. Thank you for your patience!

Community In Game News - Get your RP on

It’s almost time!

The Yule Festival approaches, and we are working hard on a week OR two week long schedule to keep everyone in the winter spirit.

If you would like to host any type of event during this time, please reach out to Staff and we can work it in the schedule.

**Please submit all proposals including materials you will need and a backstory by Saturday December 12th.**

We will start to release the schedule in the next coming weeks and will have the full list hopefully by Dec.14th to accommodate any of your characters’ events you would like.

Myth is firstly a heavily player run shard, and we want to make sure everyone is included. Whatever celebrations or events you would like will 100% be incorporated and everyone can choose how involved they want to be in their, or others events.

Don’t be a stranger and let us know what you'd like to do!

We are all a community. Let’s have some fun!

Character Spotlight - Oliver Grayson

Every issue we will be spotlighting a player, and they will be writing about one of their characters of their choosing. This issue we have chosen the wonderful Max Strackard.

Max is no stranger to Myth. Being a vet of its successor, Mytharria he is well equipped to always bring some great adventures to anyone's Role Play. He has donated a lot of time and energy into his characters and this world. If you have not had the pleasure of RPing with any of his characters or talking to him on Discord I highly suggest reaching out. He always has a lot to offer, is super friendly and a hoot to chat with too!!!

Max has chosen to write a little RP story about one of his characters, Oliver Grayson.

Without further adieu, please read on for a little snippet of Oliver:

Journal of Oliver Grayson, Servant of Shadow,

Some record of true knowledge in the event I should perish soon. Daemons and certain undead come to hold a portion of power through oaths to the great dark ones of the moon. They swear to whisper in the shadows and wait for the proper time. The lords grant them a portion of power. Then as they walk upon the back of Terra they forget their oaths, using the power for their own gain. They shout in the sun, gather treasures and create strongholds for all to see. The shadow folds in upon itself, the oath breakers are declared Corrupted Bloods by the Barons of Twilight.

My work, the path of Unending Deeds is one of constant trades. My health for the power to serve. My service in exchange for a cure to the day’s sickness. Energy passes from the dark lords into me, from my hands into the face of the Corrupt. They in turn perish and I return their energy back to the dark lords they stole it from. I am vital to the plan. I do not corrupt.

Often these Corrupted ones are slain by the Children of Amil or the Estvale watch. When this happens, the energy does not make it back to the source. Worse yet it can ground itself into an element and animate into a mindless killing machine. My current work concerns this on a patch of ground east of Black Sands Marketplace. Here the earth takes the shape of men and I spend much time putting them down, freeing the energy. The spot is an important link between the well populated south and west to the frozen lands east and north.

With haste I should work, but I am stuck with the maladies and awaiting my next ration of dark authority. I have found the alchemical cure for thin blood and rumination but still no progress in the cure for fading and scattering. Fading being an unholy apathy to continue the quest and scattering being the inability to focus on the quest.

May the Echo Council find this and continue my work if I should fall.

Thank you again to each and every one of you who have found enjoyment in Myth. Because of you all we would not have such a loving, amazing community and we cannot wait to see what else you all bring.

Happy December, and see you for the Yule Festival!


Myth Admin

How to support our shard

Join our website and WIKI!

Kiramary has spent a number of hours and a lot of effort creating this amazing Wiki. The goal is to have it run by everyone, so please join and help us flesh out the World of Myth! Add your character, history that has happened IG and character stories from the Forums you have written. It's becoming a great player hub for live information about our immersed world of Myth.

When you join our website, you get permissions to our forums as well as the availability to see members, follow them and chat with each other. It's a great way to keep in touch with everything about Myth.

Vote for us HERE!

Every month Myth gets up to at least #5-8 on top100. This is HUGE since we seem to surpass shards that subscribe monthly to stay on the top. By voting, you help Myth become available to people who might not have found us yet.

Youtube channel - Subscribe and listen here!

Starting with Classes we will continue to hold post podcasts and even videos in the future about Lore, the world of Myth as well as read out players wonderful RP stories so you can help stay up to date with our world and what’s going on.

Buy a pin - See Them Here!

Lydia has put some of her design skills to use and has created the “UOMyth Adventure Pin” Using our logo. If you love pins and want to support, please consider buying a pin.

All earnings go to help support the shard, its staff and find ways to make our shard that much more immersive with new animations and graphics. Free shipping world wide!

We have not been so vocal about it, but we now offer 4 options through donation on Ko-Fi!

  1. Monthly Subscriptions - By spending $3.00 a month, you can get the following for one character of your choice every month:

-2 Extra Perk points per Month

-One exclusive specially made cosmetic item per month

-Sneak Peeks of any new IG map work (When available).

  1. Donate for Perk Points $5.00 - A maximum allowance of at the moment of 5 per character you can donate $5.00 a perk. When donating, please either message a staff member or put a note in the donation with your name, and that it is for perk points.

  2. 4th Character Slot $5.00 - A 4th Character slot can be purchased for $5.00. When donating, please either message a staff member or put a note in the donation with your name, and that it is for a 4th character slot.

  3. Just Plain Throw Us Some Money (Buy a “Kofi”) - If you just want to help make Myth a better place you can just donate! If you do donate this way and have not discussed with staff, we will be very grateful but please don’t expect anything special in return. We have donate to pay options and have decided by staff in great discussions on what you can pay to get.

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