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The staff of myth



These are the players who help to oversee the shard. They help keep our community fun and friendly. Interested in taking that extra step to help your favourite RP community out? Applications are always open.




Quest Master

Quest Masters keep you immersed in our lore, world and religion. They create quests and interact with our playerbase to keep the world breathing.

Salty Cat

Little Bear

World Sculptor

The true artists - these players use Centred+ and other skills to work on our brilliant map and create custom graphics that are breathtaking.

Mechanics Wizard

The back end and spine of Myth - These players help with the coding that makes all the fun of Myth happen.


Darien Dragon

Staff in Training

These players are very passionate about UO and Myth, and are in training to become full staff before we let them loose into their department! Ask them questions and let them learn!!

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