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Many Thanks to Our Community - UPDATE

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Greetings Mythers,

Thank you SO much for all your support, IG interactions and testing while we all play UO Myth - Alpha.

We are all floored to see so many people apply for characters, get IG and see what we have to offer you. Although many things have not been set in stone yet, we are still planning so many things, including another map update which will roll out later this week.

As discussed, due to a planned upgrad of the RunUO server core, we will likely be having a database wipe due to incompatibility between versions. We want to make sure everyone knows the full details of what that will mean for you and your characters that we know so far:

1) skills, feats and levels will be wiped

2) All stories and characters will still stay in tacked

3) Items will be wiped also, but we will make sure any story specific items you will need can be returned to you. **After the wipe, please contact staff and we can see about getting anything you might need that was wiped. Some things however might have to be re-gained through play time, we have not decided how this will be decided but know it is on our minds to make sure our wipe is as pain free as possible. Relics and artifacts will not be returned**

4) There is no set date yet still, but we want you to all be aware so you know it will be coming. If you do not wish to grind all your skills just to lose them, we understand and encourage you to join in on our small RP events and quests in the meantime.

Please make sure you keep in the loop with our Discord chat to meet all the amazing people who have come together to Roleplay. Some of us are from different communities, which is amazing because we have been around for 20+ years and are still finding others we have never played with before.

We are only 10 days in, and the support has been phenomenal! Stay tuned for more updates, and please keep using the forums for your RP stories and questions.

A wiki is being made, so we can have our players create there faction and character pages and keep track of all the happenings of the world.

Also keep an eye out for new spawns within the world, and some new dungeons are in the making.

You guys ALL ROCK!

Please accept this screenshot of our Nique Taure gazebo as payment for your amazing playing and RPing!

-Myth Staff

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