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What Does Staff Do? May Update - Myth

What an exciting month so far! There are so many new faces in-game, and it is great to see the online count every evening. We would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our community. It is really amazing to see you guys take the initiative and help mold the world of Myth.

Read onward for some updates we have put together to sum up the month:

We now have our Myth Launcher!

The launcher will allow for automatic updates and easy access to everything Myth. Please refer to #uo-launcher-setup in Discord for step-by-step instructions.

World Event Updates:

Our daring adventurers have successfully figured out just what was going on in the crypts of Estvale. As appointed by esteemed Governor Maepoyl, their next mission is to go through once more and cleanse the entire place. Will it really be that easy though…?

Make sure to sign up for the event and look out for an announcement of the time and day to attend the last part of the Saint Veeda Campaign - Shadows, A Funeral and a Cleanse HERE.

Intrepid citizens of Estvale held training sessions for any who wished to attend to both strengthen community bonds and ensure the city would be better equipped for any challenges that lay ahead.

Raine, the traveling entertainer, had made an appearance in Blacksands. After an evening of merriment and prizes, she disappeared once more until her next encounter.

The Wretched Woman will be back after a hiatus. She comes to taverns seeking to buy and sell wares, it is a great opportunity to sell things you might not need anymore to make some extra coin. Or perhaps, purchase something you have been looking for?

Look out on the events calendar and our Discord channel for times and places she will be.

You can read up on her HERE.

Map Updates from Archin:

Continued general improvements to environments all over the place to give the map some life. Everything is still a WIP, it’s a big map from scratch so thank you for your patience!

You may have noticed blocked off ruins or caves here and there as well - there’s a lot of new content that will be opened in the coming weeks by storytellers. Meanwhile Here’s a teaser of the temple of Barlow - located outside of the newly placed entrance to Meerdistrin (city still closed, sorry), all north of Estvale: