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Size of the Map and RP hubs

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

So putting this together has taught me a lot, and it seems like the size of the Map is a huge concern for a lot of players. We understand that. However we trust people to make use of the story elements that exist to help people role play.

Our cities are cultural, and based on one of the gods of the custom pantheon and the world begins in a sort of neutral peace time, actually our first chapter is going to focus heavily on this treaty as the nations come together to negotiate. Players who want to ignore such goings on could presumably do so. But their voices won't ever be heard or carved into the story so feel free to chart your own course. We don't want to limit you for no reason, and that's why we want our map to be open and organic.

It may be large but we hope to put enough on it people have places to meet. That's how things used to be and I think they can be again!

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