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Onward we go! - Update

Hello again guys! I hope everyone is having fun with our alpha so far, I know we've found a thousand things we have to change and you're all probably tired of hearing it but it's all going on the list!

We're hard at work on tightening the map design, making the areas players use better and closing off areas that are currently unused. PvE content is in its infancy and more is coming every week! A new map update will be coming very soon, and we will have a regular schedule of updates moving forward.

You're never quite sure what will be the most important part of a project when you start it, but players have helped us hone in on what people want and how we can adjust things to suit them. We wouldn't be doing this without a good community who wants to really put a story forward, so after some tinkering we have discussed and decided to allow a second character for all players. Applications for them are open now, be sure you are logged into your account on the website so we can easily sort your character apps. And maybe even add your discord name to your app if you want to expedite the process! We'll probably get a whole inbox full immediately so give us just a bit to sort through them and approve them! All the apps we've gotten so far have been wonderful. Keep it up guys I am excited to see what you want to bring to the world!

So that's our update for now. New PvE content is a priority right now. The map update is looming ever closer! And now you can each bring in a second character to test new classes and try your hand at going down a different exp gaining path.. like crafting!

As a final update, I apologize that we don't have more information on when our wipe will be. As always I want to be really transparent on the fact that work has slowed due to some real life priorities pulling away members of the team at various times. We all pour a lot of passion into this project and I assure you that we will be ready for the massive upgrade that will require the wipe the moment we can be. After that, a lot more content will make sense to enable as well.

Until then I hope you all enjoy the character interactions and fun game we're putting together. We couldn't do it without you and I hope to see everyone in game soon! Thank you all for joining us for Alpha and making this awesome. We look forward to the next update!

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