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Characters of Myth

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Physical Appearance:

A scruffy patch of hair rests upon his chin and jawline, with a bushy mustache clinging to his lips, curling and fraying out at it's outer edges. Hawthorne is not of spectacular frame or build, just sitting a little taller than the average human, and not having much fat on his bones due to his lifestyle. They seem to be well into adulthood, perhaps beginning the Fall season of their life's cycle. His eyes are a hue of gray with flecks of light brown, and rest between a hooked nose. His back and forearms are heavily scarred with claws and bite marks that look to be from a bear.

Their equipment seems to be in order, though most of their attire is worn and weathered to say the least. Fabrics made from flaxen linens provide some protection from the elements and breathe-ability. Hawthorne carries with him a longsword, an axe and bow at all times, and is hard pressed to be found without at least two of something.


Hawthorne, growing up in a farm in the Outskirts of Estvale has always seen the struggles his family has faced with the lack of support to protect his home. Lawlessness, banditry and villainous sorcery is abound as it was in his youth, his family's farm the constant collateral victim between polities, between rival noble, or to the throws of a unforgiving Terra in the form of monsters, beasts and storms. Spending time with a small band of local sons and daughters to the farmers of rural Estvale, Hawthorne patrolled the marshes in the Southern Estvale hinterlands.

Finding that his life was more worthwhile on the road and traveling the wilds of Estvale’s reaches, Hawthorne ended up giving the lands he inherited from his father to the other farmers within the region; he was not meant for the farming life, and he would be hard pressed to settle down for such a life after the fellowship he found scouting the wilds with good folk. Trading shovel and plow for bow and sword, spent the remaining years reporting suspicious activity on the roads and helping guide others through the wilds and back to the safety of Estvale and the embrace of her sturdy stone walls.

While glassing a saddle in search for a sturdy hind, Hawthorne caught a mother bear off-guard with her cubs in tow. Enraged and startled, the mother bear made quick work of the man, ravaging his back with claws as he tried to escape, biting down on his forearms as he shielded himself from her vicious assault. With what little energy he could muster, Hawthorne stumbled back to his companions who were camping in the hills nearby awaiting his return with a fresh kill. Shocked by the state of their companion, they would do what first aid they could, and whisked him away to Estvale to hopefully survive the outcome of the horrific ordeal.

Recent Rumor:

- The local healers within Estvale will inform others of having to work on a man who was mauled by a mother bear with cubs. Luckily they’ve seemed to make a full recovery after being bed ridden within the hospital for quite some time.



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