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Characters of Myth

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Physical Appearance:

A scruffy patch of hair rests upon his chin and jawline, with a bushy mustache clinging to his lips, curling and fraying out at it's outer edges. Hawthorne is not of spectacular frame or build, just sitting a little taller than the average human, and not having much fat on his bones due to his lifestyle. They seem to be well into adulthood, perhaps beginning the Fall season of their life's cycle. His eyes are a hue of gray with flecks of light brown, and rest between a hooked nose. His back and forearms are heavily scarred with claws and bite marks that look to be from a bear.

Their equipment seems to be in order, though most of their attire is worn and weathered to say the least. Fabrics made from flaxen linens provide some protection from the elements and breathe-ability. Hawthorne carries wi…

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Name: Echard Morris

Birthplace: Estvale

Age: 40's

Physical Description:

The ghost of a man who once cared for appearances beyond circumstance, everything from his hair to the soles of his shoes appeared antiquated and wearied. The tattered long coat he wore was thick and navy blue; riddled with holes and adorned in a faded golden embroidery; torn from service and the sea; worn with its notched collar flipped upwards around his neck; pungent with the odor of cigar smoke and spirits. The plain, unlaced shirt beneath, neatly tucked as it may have been, had long since been robbed of its pristine sparkle and traded for a dusky grey. The waist of his trousers had frayed. His leather boots had cracked and creased under a sailor’s sun.

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