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Myth History and Lore

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The Wardens of Nique Taure Homebase: Nique Taure Makeup: The Wardens of Nique Taure would be comprised almost entirely of Elves. It is possible some Treekin may be amongst its ranks.

Origin Story:

Amil gifted her children with exceptionally long life, but to maintain the balance they typically produce few children. Elven families while long-lived and spanning many generations do not enjoy the same numbers as the other races. Thus, the Elves do not support the idea of putting their people to death. All still have a purpose. The highest crime an Elf can face is banishment. If they are repentant and still hold Nique Taure in their heart of hearts, they can choose to serve in the Wardens.

The Wardens are still allowed to interact with Elven society. They can raise a family, and at times during the seasons enter the city so that they may take part in the society they are ultimately charged to protect. If they have a family, before or after they are sentenced, their family does not share in their fate.

The Wardens themselves become something of extended family for each member of their ranks. They have a singular goal of defending Nique Taure from all threats both within and without. They are free to act on their own will, but when needed their actions are directed exclusively by Nique Taure’s ruling council.

The Wardens are divided into two distinct orders:


Warden Defenders protect Nique Taure’s borders. Defenders are very rarely seen outside of Elven lands, but they tend to keep to its furthest reaches and borders. They also serve as Nique Taure’s jailors. Those convicted under Nique Taure’s laws are held in confinement by the Defenders, and their final duty involves assessing someone’s worthiness for Warden service.


Warden Seekers wander the realm in search of wayward Elves and for signs that Amil’s sites have been attacked, defaced, or are under threat. If you encounter a Warden moving throughout the world it is quite likely they are a Seeker. They can be called home to escort elven pilgrimages, or caravans, throughout Terra. They keep their ruling council apprised of on-goings outside their home.

Relationship with Nique Taure: Elves born in Nique Taure would not necessarily have disdain for those who serve in the Wardens, as their service is seen as repentance or in some cases redemption. Their service, however, is not romanticized. They are still regarded as criminals even if they are repentant for their crimes.

Wardens are usually the most open-minded elves you will encounter. Given their long lives, youthfulness even as they age, many have seen a great deal of the world. They are especially resourceful and known for their skill in battle.



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