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Myth History and Lore

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The Wardens of Nique Taure Homebase: Nique Taure Makeup: The Wardens of Nique Taure would be comprised almost entirely of Elves. It is possible some Treekin may be amongst its ranks.

Origin Story:

Amil gifted her children with exceptionally long life, but to maintain the balance they typically produce few children. Elven families while long-lived and spanning many generations do not enjoy the same numbers as the other races. Thus, the Elves do not support the idea of putting their people to death. All still have a purpose. The highest crime an Elf can face is banishment. If they are repentant and still hold Nique Taure in their heart of hearts, they can choose to serve in the Wardens.

The Wardens are still allowed to interact with Elven society. They can raise a family, and at times during the seasons enter the city so that they may…


The Cursed Knights of Tsern

The Cursed Knights of Tsern

Homebase: Blacksands

Makeup: The Cursed Knights of Tsern hail from various races and backgrounds and are made up anything ranging from street brawling fighters to deposed nobles. They are almost entirely comprised of those who practice a martial art. There may be a smattering of arcane magic users amongst their ranks, but it would be rare. Origin Story: In the beginning Tsern inspired passion in the races, to love, and live and laugh. To wager and battle and boast. There were some among the races who she could not see, and yet they yearned to be noticed by her. To be adored. The first Cursed Knight, was a human knight, named Raiford Penning. Raiford was a talented warrior and master at arms of such extreme skill few would dare to challenge him in single combat. His…


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