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Jul 18, 2020
In Technical Help
Since we have lost our old guide, staff has put together a more in-depth guide for everyone new to UO, new to RP or just new to UO Myth. Please see below for some answers to our most frequently asked questions: Using the website Forum - Some helpful beginner categories and threads **Note that for most forum posts you must be a member of our website to see and contribute. Please make sure you do this! When you have an account, you can customise your avatar, follow people and even message them on the site. It can be very useful once you get the hang of it. Wix even has a mobile app that has everything in one place on the go. The online forums are a great way to keep in touch and see what's going on IG and OOCly. Here are some starter threads that you should check out, and feel free to add your input! General Discussions - This is for OOC or “Out of Character” talk. It ranges from UO specific discussions to hobbies. World Chat - This is for everything IG related. It has some great articles on some Lore, as well as some people asking questions. A great place to start on this category are: -Player Events - If a player wants to have a meeting with their guild, or start a hunting party or anything other gathering it will be here! Post your own or find what suits your fancy. - World Events - These are events made by Staff, and they will be advertised here for all to see. Make sure to subscribe for the most up to date information! RP Stories - This is where all players post personal development stories, character bio’s and pictures as well as letters to other players. Get in there and take a look around, you might find some interesting developments! You are encouraged to make your own and share your character's journey. Technical Help - Very self explanatory, but some helpful tech information will be found here! (kinda boring really, we know you wanna just get to the fun stuff) _________________________________________________________________________ Discord is a great connection tool to help your gameplay! - To get the most out of your game play, use Discord as a connection to your Myth life! Here are some helpful channels which can link you to other players and enhance you and other players activity: #myth-help - Use this channel to pose any questions about how to play UO, Custom Myth mechanics, and any lore questions. Basically ask anything here if you want an answer! #looking-for-roleplay - Use this chat to broadcast that you are IG and are looking for people to play with. #public-notices - Looking to advertise your shop? Is your character putting up posters or sending a letter to someone? Link any forum RP posts or anything going on IG here for others to see. This will help shove the information out there for other players to see and get involved in. #trading - Looking for a certain item or looking to sell/trade? Have your “character” post it here so all can see. You can also post links of your forum posts to gain more traffic. ___________________________________________________________________________ Creating your Character - How do? There are two main application forms on Myth to create your character and get In Game: Player Information - This form is meant to be filled out only once. It gathers all of the information we need from you as a player. This information includes your name (online alias that we can get in touch with you on Discord) , your email, your shard experience if any. And finally what you would like your Myth account name and password to be. Once your first Character Application is approved your UO account will be created. You will get an email after this has all been sorted and usually a PM from a staff member in Discord saying an email is coming your way and your application has been approved. Character Application - Much like a dungeons and dragon campaign or any type of tabletop role play game an application for your character needs to be thought out and written up. We recommend researching and understanding the Myth world, Races and Gods before, during and even after writing your character application. This includes your character's looks, its race, age and description to start. From there, you will see we require some background of your character. This is crucial to help yourself and staff get a feel for how your character might react to certain people, events, areas as well as situations that happen In Game. All of this information is needed to show that you have an understanding of the Myth world and are ready to jump in to interact, fight, and role play in our immersed world with other players. Sometimes staff might PM you to confirm something about your character, ask more questions or discuss your character application before approval. On occasion you may be asked to change or alter your character application before approval so it fits within our world. Although it may seem daunting and time consuming, staff is really just looking for a well realized character that follows Myth Lore. Some players submit pages of lore, while others just a page or less. We have made the application form short and sweet which allows you to write as little or as much about your character as you think is reasonable. ***There is no right or wrong way to submit an application, we will never outright deny an application without reason and will always work with the existing information to make sure you are happy with what you would like to make. This is your story- and we strive to make sure everyone can tell it as long as it can fit into the Myth world. You have an approved character and have downloaded the launcher and Myth is installed, Now what? Once you have your main loading screen login and create your first character Choose the first option. As this is a default OSI Ultima Online menu and you will go into custom creation when you are in the world it won’t affect you past this menu. Choose your sex and type your name out. The rest will not matter until you go into the creation room. Once in the creation room, you will make your way down to the forge book. This is where you choose your class and race. Choosing skin tones, hair color and style is next Custom clothing is a must! Use the chest and dye tubs to make yourself look like how you want. Options may be limited here but once you’re in game there’s much more. Once you feel as complete as possible, don’t forget to open your description scroll on your paper doll and write your physical description. You can also view other PCs' descriptions by opening their PD (paper doll) and double clicking the scroll to read. (Located on the bottom left of the paper doll by the Party menu scroll) You're done! For now you will have to PM a staff member in Discord or in the #help-chat to be moved into the hallway to the moongate. You will be transported into Estvale, and your journey will begin! Traditional Ultima Mechanics, Previous Shard Coding Vs Custom Myth Stuff - The World of Myth and Striving for a Unique, Balanced Experience Being a custom shard Myth has a lot of unique features that are still being worked on daily. When starting out, we had used the Teiravon 2 base code but have since worked on it so much to make it our own it is almost unrecognizable in some parts. This goes without saying, we hold Teir 2 close to our hearts and loved what it has been. It was a great base for us to start from as we worked to make it fit the new incarnation of Myth, building off of and changing mechanics to fit our own setting. Because of this, you will find that all races and classes have no ranking system - they are all equally wonderful and are meant to be used in tandem with each other but also to a point can easily be used in solo hunting or some beginner dungeons once you level up. If ever there seems to be a race or class that becomes “OP” or Overpowered, staff immediately goes into discussion on how we can balance this so all classes have their own advantages, and disadvantages. Our community has a frankly ridiculous amount of combined hours playing this code base, so many if not most of the most egregious balance problems have been addressed. This is why when staff are asked “Which class is better” it is hard for us to answer- a class is a very personal choice, and what some might not like about one class, someone would find extremely compelling. In our eyes, there is no right or wrong class - stronger or weaker. They all play a part in the world. That being said- if you cannot solo something it is most likely because you are either not high enough level OR we simply have decided that it could not be killed by just one person and it is recommended to find a party and come try again with others. Since we know that many people are new to the player base and our class system, for a quick and heavily simplified rule of thumb: All of the classes have some sort of custom system of specific niche they fill. Generally, the more specialized a class is, the better it will be at that specific thing while giving up others. There’s more to a class than its skill caps, and most classes don’t start to shine until above level 15. However, if you ask in the discord channel you will see that Players have and are entitled to their own views on things like this. Some disagree on which class is the best, or which race comes out on top. That’s the whole point of trying to make sure everything is balanced! Important Commands There are many commands for Myth, but here are some key ones that players and staff have found useful and worth mentioning for newbies: .help - Lists ALL the commands .hunger - Remember that hunger may affect skill gain! .feats - Access Race and Class feats .perks - Access the Perks menu (Explained here: Link detailed below) .exp - See your exp, level, and exp needed to level .climb - Target a tree to climb up it .e - Use to perform a number of emotes with sound .where - Find your exact xyz. This can be useful for reporting map bugs. .animate - Follow the Syntax to play animations for creative macros. .mystats - Gives detailed stats for your current setup Since this is Alpha, all the towns are not available. Please see below for the most updated statuses on Myth towns: Coming Soon: Starter Guide to Dungeons - The Basics Leveling up Max level - 25 How to choose your class A Short Guide for Crafters Owning a Home Becoming a member of a guild or group We will add to this over time, thank you! Lyds - Myth
 Beginners Guide to Myth and Ultima Online content media
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