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salty cat #7199
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Jul 29, 2020
In Technical Help
I've recently noticed a bit of a problem with the different languages, at least when using the command .lang/.language. There is no indication, or any way of knowing, outside of being told through RP that a character is using a language that you know, this isn't so bad, but the real problem is when a character is speaking a language that you -don't- know, as no text or anything appears. I noticed it recently when we were RPing and someone was speaking elven. I wasn't aware and was confused when another person was said, "are they a mute/did they forget how to speak?" when I was having a full blown conversation when them. Idk if there's a way around this, like somehow scrambling the text so something appears? Or maybe an emote appears for people that don't know the language? I'm not smart in that department, but it has been somewhat of a problem.

salty cat #7199

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