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From December 17th - January 3rd


UO Myth

The Grand Yule Festival

Gather one, gather all. The winter season is a time for love, a time for giving, a time to cherish that which we may take advantage of. People, the Terra around us, we are all one. Let us all come together. Join us, for a Yule Festival!

The Grand Yule Festival
The Grand Yule Festival

Time & Location

From December 17th - January 3rd

UO Myth


About the Event

From December 17th - January 3rd

All religions attempt to put their differences asside and gather for this winter event. The Grand Yule Festival is set mostly in Estvale however it radiates throughout all cities.

Weather it be in the dark, cold caves or the warm embrace of Amil one thing is true - 

To celebrate Yule is good luck and is said to set the year to come up with good health and good tidings. 

This year the locals of Estvale have banded together with other cities to host their festival.

Talks of good food, drinks, and competitions have been planned for the week long event.

So please! Come, rejoice with your friends and family. Gather in warm taverns, sing in the streets and duel in good nature!

For this is Yule - Winter is here, and to warm our bodies we must warm our hearts.

A current schedule begins to show up posted at all major banks and town halls- See what Yule has to offer.

I guarentee, young and old - you will not be dissapointed.

To attend Yule is tradition, and those who participate are said to be rewarded greatly by their gods.

Winter is cold- but the company is warm.

This is YULE

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