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Characters of Myth

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The Governor of Estvale

Name: Albert Maepoyl

Age: Looks to be in his 50's


Old yet also youthful Albert watches the people around him carefully. His eye are pale blue with freckles of yellow are covered by the hoods of his eyelids. Time has been good to this man, although you are not sure how old he really is. Kurt yet gentle he is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Albert was born and raised in Estvale with his mother and father. He was appointed the Governor after his service in the Estvale Guard when he was twenty five years of age. His family, proud of his achievements lived happily in a farm just outside of Estvale until they passed of old age when Albert was thirty five.

He continues to run Estvale to this day, and looks forward to the new growing community that has been flocking to this town to see what it has to offer.

Echard / Rheoric


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